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Aliens On Vacation (intergalactic Bed And Breakfast)

Aliens On Vacation

In case you're considering a child's book I have come up with very good info. Find a copy of Aliens On Vacation written by Clete Smith. Written by Clete Smith and it was published on the 8th of May, 2012 by Hyperion Book CH. The book is 272 pages long. It's dimensions are 7.75" Height x 5.25" Length x 0.75" Width and it weighs approximately 0.41 lbs, select the link below.

Hyperion Book CH

MPN: 9781423157236
ISBN: 1423157230
Author: Clete Smith

David isn't  happy  about leaving Florida and his friends to summer with his crazy grandmother in “ Middle-of-Nowhere,” Washington. It turns out that each area inside the inn is an off-earth portal and his grandma the gate-keeper, permitting aliens to vacation on Earth.   The problem is, the town sheriff, already suspicious about Granny, is really a scout leader camping in the same spot.   Grandma desperately needs David's help monitoring the visitors, shopping for cartloads of aluminum-foil for dinner,  and taking rambunctious alien kids,  that glow-in-the-dark and look like trees, camping. Will David blow Granny's cover, forcing the B& B to shut down for good, or will the intergalactic police have to intervene?   Arriving at her Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast, he isn't surprised by its the-60's-meets-Star-Wars dé cor, but he is surprised by the weird-looking guests.


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