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A Wind In The Door (madeleine L'engle's Time Quintet)

Wind In The Door4 Star Rating
Wind In The Door
Wind In The Door


With Meg Murry's help, the dragons her six-year-old brother saw in the vegetable garden play an important part in his struggle between life and death.
Your child will love this magnificent book by Madeleine L'Engle. Written by Madeleine L'Engle and it is published by Square Fish. The children's book became available sometime in 2007. A Wind In The Door (madeleine L'engle's Time Quintet) is the sequel to A wrinkle in time. The book is all about Science fiction. This is the 1st Square Fish ed. is 245 pages long. It's dimensions are 0.69" Height x 7.62" Length x 5.3" Width and weighs roughly 0.47 lbs. To get a copy at the lowest price, click on our store add to shopping cart button.

Wind In The Door. wind door madeleine l'engle's time quintet

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ISBN: 0312368542
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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It is November. When Meg comes property from school, Charles Wallace tells her he saw dragons in the twin's vegetable garden.     Meg, Calvin and Mr. Jenkins (grade school principal) need to travel inside C. W. to have this battle and save Charles' life too as the balance of the universe.   It turns out that C. W. is ill and that  Blajeny and Proginoskes are there to generate him well – by making him well, they will preserve the balance of the universe in check and save it from the evil Echthros.   That night Meg, Calvin and C. W. go to the vegetable garden to meet the Teacher (Blajeny) who explains that what they are seeing isn't a dragon at all, but a cherubim named Proginoskes.

"There are dragons inside the twins' vegetable garden,"announces six-year-old Charles Wallace Murry in the opening sentence of The Wind inside the Door. She figures he's seen something strange, but dragons--a"dollop of dragons,"a"drove of dragons,"even a"drive of dragons"--seem highly unlikely. As it turns out, Charles Wallace is proper in regards to the dragons--though the sea of eyes (merry eyes, wise eyes, ferocious eyes, kitten eyes, dragon eyes, opening and closing) and wings (in constant motion) is truly a benevolent cherubim (of a singularly plural sort) named Proginoskes who has come to aid save Charles Wallace from a important illness. His older sister, Meg, doubts it.

In her usual masterful way, Madeleine L'Engle jumps seamlessly from a child's world of liverwurst and cream cheese sandwiches to deeply sinister, cosmic battles between good and evil. In an illuminating flash on the interconnectedness of all factors and the relativity of size, we realize that the tiniest problem can have mammoth, even intergalactic ramifications. Can this intrepid group voyage by way of time and space and muster all their strength of character to conserve Charles Wallace? When it becomes clear that the Echthroi are putting Charles Wallace in danger, the only logical course of action is for Meg and her dear friend Calvin O'Keefe to turn out to be tiny enough to go inside Charles Wallace's body--into one particular of his mitochondria--to see what's going wrong with his farandolae. It's an exhilarating, enlightening, suspenseful journey that no kid ought to miss. Children will revel inside the delectably chilling details--including hideous scenes in which a school principal named Mr. Jenkins is impersonated by the Echthroi (the evil forces that tear skies, snuff out light, and darken planets ).


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  • Num. Pages: 245
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  • Product Dim.: Height: 0.69" Length: 7.62" Depth: 5.3"
  • Weight: 0.47 lbs.
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